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Carpet Cleaning in San Jose

San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaner specializes in giving services for carpet cleaning for the Bay Area including the Peninsula, South Bay, San Francisco, East Bay, and North Bay. They give commercial and residential carpet cleaning Monday to Sunday and their office hours are from 8am to 12am. They also give other services like upholstery cleaning for auto and home, grout and tile cleaning, floor maintenance, duct cleaning, water damage removal and commercial carpet cleaning maintenance programs. Why choose San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaner? A lot of carpet cleaning companies are about getting in and out in the shortest f time leaving their clients w/ dirty carpets that re-soil w/in several days. Sound familiar? Well at San Jose Carpet Cleaner they’ve a passion for washing carpets the right way making use of only the finest technology and taking time to carefully clean your rug or carpet. San Jose Carpet Cleaner believes that getting professional outcomes needs a few multiple step processes in the process of carpet cleaning.

One of the most important steps is to carefully vacuum the carpets w/ an IICRC vacuum. They only utilize vacuums that have a HEPA filter, because they do the finest job in removing dry soil to .01 microns. No powerful truck mount could compete. After a systematic vacuum they check the carpet type. They also look for residue left by carpet cleaners. Sometimes carpet cleaners leave chemical residues which can react w/ our chemicals while the cleaning process. After the examination, they’ll then apply a large amount of spray to the whole carpet area. Then they concentrate on treating high traffic spots and spotting the carpet. They require that pre-spray dwelling time will be 10 minutes. This aids in softening the soil to the layer of the carpet. Lastly the carpet is ready for a dry cleaning making use of the “rotovac power wand”. The “rotovac power wand” makes 1,500 multi-cleaning passes to clean your carpet.

The dome-shaped design of the cleaning heads fully encapsulates the vacuum slots and spray jets to make a "steam chamber" in the cleaning zone w/ minimal heat. This dominant combination of contained heat, multiple flushing action and agitation makes cleaning dynamics that can’t be equaled w/ a manual wand. San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaner makes superior cleaning outcomes that will surprise you every time!! After the process of cleaning is completed, the carpet must dry w/in 3 to 5 hours. It is so important to open doors and windows if possible to aid the drying process. San Jose Carpet Cleaner doesn’t suggest walking on your carpet until it has dried completely. Drying time differs for each customer depending on few factors such as humidity, temperature, air circulation and carpet type.

Now if you’re the type to wait for two years before your carpet cleaning, then you’ll eventually settle more money for a few reasons. For one thing your rug carpet will not stay as long and you will end up changing it sooner. Additionally, any professional rug or carpet cleaner will charge you more for a restorative cleaning and suggest additional cleanings. San Jose Dry Carpet Cleaner could give a residential carpet cleaning to keep your rugs or carpets in top condition.

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These programs could save you money and time and you will be glad that your carpet will stay and look cleaner for a longer time. Preserving your carpet clean all year is also better for your health and at San Jose Dry Cleaners, they only utilize organic chemicals which are environmentally safe and biodegradable. You’ll have calmness knowing that your rug carpet is clean but also secure for your loved ones.

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